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We have unique knowledge that combines programming skills with the world of advertising, internet analytics and e-commerce platforms. We are able to implement any solution in the area of marketing technology (martech).


We create plugins for popular e-commerce platforms, microservices and independent applications. We work mainly in php / laravel and node.js technologies, but we also know python, react, angular, vue. We have deep understanding of databases, elastic search, big data solutions and server-side technologies.


Our team includes experts in all related fields, such as databases, big data, devops. We employ analysts and performance marketing specialists, so we deeply understand the solutions that we are creating for business and marketing purposes.

We create automated end-to-end systems that solve your business problems.

We specialize in processing Big Data solutions, we also create dedicated SEM, SEO, BI applications, supporting the efficiency of your business processes. We develop advanced integrations for e-commerce and marketplaces as well. Operating flexibly in the time & material settlement.

Mar Tech Expertise

Modern internet marketing is a flywheel framework which - in order to be effective - must be based on technology. The term MarTech stands for Marketing Technology, i.e. technological solutions that improve business through automation, data collection and analysis, which results in higher efficiency, time savings and process optimization. Choosing the right tools and technologies allows you to achieve your goals faster thanks to the use of programming possibilities for the 21st century.

What makes us a unique software house?

Our development team originates from the team creating - a tool closely related to the SEM and SEO industries, which processes hundreds of millions of products every day.
We specialize in collecting and integrating data from many sources, such as Google API, Facebook, Twitter, DataForSeo, Semrush and many others. Acquisition, storage and processing of data, i.e. Big Data, is a potential and investment in business development.

This is the future of technology that we are building today.
But that's not all: we also take on difficult challenges related to the integration of dedicated, individually created solutions for e-commerce.

Let us be the Answear to your Challenges

Digitization and progress are a constantly changing world and business environment. They are also problems and challenges that require quick and effective solutions. And here comes BlitzCoders as the answer! A software house, specialized in creating unique and dedicated systems that solve specific business problems. Understanding the value which technology brings to your business is essential in a marketing world where everything is constantly evolving and where keeping up with the times remains the most important aspect of internal operations and a brand's future success. We are one of the few companies that deeply understands marketing issues. We have a vast experience, which greatly reduces the cost of implementation.

We will help you solve problems related to:

Automation and improvement of marketing processes in your company

Reporting, analysis and data processing

Generating advertising campaigns for your customers directly from your system

Large-scale data collection (Big Data)

The need to hire additional specialists "asap"

Integrations between e-commerce platforms and your SaaS / Marketplace

Constant or temporary lack of IT resources

We work for:

1. Marketplaces & Aggregators

We create dedicated solutions, such as advertising systems that integrate customer panels with Google Ads.
We develop individual analytical solutions and support inhouse teams with specific technologies. We integrate platforms with other providers (e-commerce, payment gateways, couriers, SaaS tools and plugins etc.)

2. E-commerce SaaS Platforms

Team augmentation services for SaaS providers. For example, we develop individual plug-in projects and dedicated martech solutions according to the client's guidelines. We integrate platforms and connect with APIs. We are processing large scale data.

3. Marketing industry

We implement solutions that automate marketing. We shorten the time needed to perform routine tasks. We create internal applications that increase the quality of customer service and their satisfaction

An important aspect of software development is "time-to-market", which is one of the problems of many companies building their in-house solutions. At BlitzCoders, you can count on the implementation of your solution on time and on budget.

Agile methodologies that we use during iterative processes of programming solutions for our clients enable quick and effective deployment of MVP, which we then improve until perfection.

About Us

Blitz in chess means quick game within limited time-frame.

That's why at Blitzcoders our mission is to offer a quick and effective implementation of IT solutions tailored to the specifics of your business. Our Software House specializes in Mar Tech and Ad Tech - we create intelligent business solutions that make processes optimal and automated. We operate comprehensively: from application specification and development to deployment and maintenance.



Sophisticated product feed optimizer and automated campaign generator for Google Ads. Advanced Mar Tech and Ad Tech solutions used by hundreds of top performance and e-commerce agencies from all over Europe. Processing 40 million $ adspend yearly, 20+ million products daily and over 1500 recurring customers monthly.

We developed a complex dashboard and custom user panel for SEO link leader provider. We created informative and understandable panels using a wide range of different components.

Erli Campaigns - advanced advertisement system for one of the biggest marketplaces in Poland.
We were responsible for the automatic generation of Google Ads campaigns directly from the marketplace. The platform partners now have the possibility of promoting their offer beyond the marketplace itself.

For the largest SaaS e-commerce platform in Poland we developed a sophisticated tool and solutions that integrate e-commerce, B2B and platform. Over 200 integrations with marketplaces, shipping companies, accounting companies, wholesalers (including dropshipping).

We proudly worked for:

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